Stepping Up the Hoodie Game

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When I seen this intricate color blocked pattern   I HAD TO HAVE IT!!  But after tracing my size I decided there were too many pieces and set it aside… for 2 years. Enter custom printed fabric from Blended Thread – Midnight Floral. OH!  Suddenly things are looking up and I’m feeling inspired!  It was time to make my dream Elevation Hoodie.

After staring at this gorgeous fabric for 3 hours trying to decide what color should go where… I finally made a decision. The V design would go on the front only and the rest of the hoodie would be all in grey.  Heather Grey and Denim French Terry from LDG Textiles.


After sewing the entire body and sleeves together it just wasn’t talking to me. I NEEDED more details.  I like to take pictures of fabric placement because they look a lot different in photos than in real life.   Boring example shown here:

So I got the seam ripper out and went to work!

After cutting the top of the back and sleeves off and all of the new pieces I knew it was going to be perfect having those gorgeous V’s throughout!!  The Elevation Hoodie, as written, has an unlined hood.  Since I prefer hoodies with coordinating hood linings I’m showing you an easy how-to on getting that look. Also shown in this photo is my version of neck binding, you can find that tutorial here.


BONUS: I’m also showing an easy method of installing grommets (that don’t rip out.)

Ok, back to the amazing hoodie

At first glance the color-blocking may look a little daunting, but I promise, sewing the V’s and getting them crisp isn’t hard!  The written directions are simple and easy to follow.

52352353_252181089017733_8693479862595223552_n (1)

I would recommend practicing on scraps and basting first if you’ve not done V’s before to get the hang of it.  Personally, I like to wing all things in life including sewing – and skip the directions altogether.


If you are trying new skills or unsure, please practice and save the good fabric for when you’re feeling confident.  Or you can do what I do and wing all the things, because life is short and there will always be more fabric!!

Giving the hood a lining is simple.  Cut off 1” from the hood opening that you would normally be hemming, this leaves 1/4” seam allowance to attach the lining. Use the new piece to cut out 2 mirror images of the lining.  Sew the hood and lining pieces right sides together down the back curve.  Next, place them right sides together and sew around the front opening.

Supplies needed for Drawstring:

Grab your HeatnBond, Grommet Kit, and iron for the next part.  You’ll need two squares each (3/4”-1”) of scrap fabric and HeatnBond.  On the wrong side of the outer hoodie place the HeatnBond smooth/white side up onto to grommet marking per the pattern suggestion – and iron until adhered.


After the HeatnBond cools you can remove the white backing.  Place your scrap fabric square on top and iron again until adhered.  This creates a thick and sturdy base for your grommet.

Cut a small X on your marking.  The grommet should barely fit through the hole, not have gaping around it. Cutting an X versus a hole gives a tighter fit and less room for the grommet to move. The little flaps the X leaves creates more bulk for the grommet to hold onto.

DO NOT use a snap press to install your hardware. It distorts the grommet and it doesn’t press evenly – leading to the demise of your pretty grommet. Use the base and anvil included in your kit and follow the manufacturers instructions on how to install them. You should be left with this:

Turn the hood so it’s right side out with the lining nested inside and top-stitch.  I like my drawstrings on adult hoodies 52-56″ long.  Use your Dritz Loop Turner or Dritz Drawstring Threader to pull the drawstring through the hood & grommets. You can finish the drawstring ends a few ways:

  • singe or glue the ends with a lighter and tie in a knot
  • add a cap 
  • fold over and zigzag (shown here)
That’s it! Too easy right?? YAY for hood lining and grommets that won’t pull out!!

I seriously can’t get over how friggin amazing my new hoodie is! It will get a lot of use as I’m generally super casual.  Working from home has it’s perks, such as not having to dress up and just wearing whatever I want (yoga pants and comfy hoodies.)


Living the Dream!!!

I hope you’re living the dream too.  YOUR DREAM.

Have a beautiful Monday and rest of the week.  And make yourself something nice.

You deserve it.



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