DIY Glitter Ornaments

I’ve been making these glitter bulbs for three years and I still love them!  They’re given as teacher and Grandparent gifts and of course, we keep some too!  This is great craft to make with kids too; my toddler loves helping – make a glitter bomb mess.  These are super inexpensive to make as well.  The most expensive part initially is the “glue.”  I’ve used the same can for three years and it’s about half gone.  Get your table covered and supplies ready!


  • Glitter
  • Minwax Polycrylic Protective Finish – Clear
  • Ornaments – Glass or Plastic
  • Funnel – I use Freezer paper and make my own
  • Plastic Shot Cups – or an egg carton
  • Syringe
  • Ribbon



Take the tops off all the ornaments and set one upright in a cup to hold it steady.  Using the syringe put 15 ml of the Polycrylic into the bulb.  I used huge bulbs this year so it warranted more poly than prior years, of course, you can experiment with the amount.  Don’t worry about adding too much as you’ll be dumping out the excess anyway!






Swirl the poly around for even coverage and place upside – down in a cup to drain.  The poly needs about 5 minutes to set up, so continue filling the rest of the bulbs and letting the excess drip out.  I always pour the excess back into the poly container to waste not!


Place the bulb back onto a cup for stability.  Using a funnel, pour your PREMIXED glitter inside and swirl until the bulb is evenly coated.

Set aside to fully dry.  You can repeat these steps if there isn’t enough coverage for your liking.

Add vinyl (or not), replace the top and add a ribbon to hang!  How easy was that!?

Merry Christmas!!

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