The Winter Collection

**This post contains affiliate links which aid in my craftiness.**

Living in Michigan doesn’t leave a lot of room for sunshine and tank tops.  So layering is always the answer!  But you can’t let your style wither away into the cold brisk air.  Stay fashionable, functional AND warm in the new Winter Collection from George+Ginger.  I tested two of the three patterns in the collection and they didn’t disappoint!

I have made several coats for myself but never any in a retro bubble style.  Cue The Cold Snap Coat 😉 This fun woven coat is actually quite simple to make and looks so lavish when finished…Oooohlala!! The over-sized pleats give the perfect silhouette that compliments all body types.


I’m especially loving the welt pockets on this coat!  I have sewn this type of pocket several times before but a beginner could easily tackle them!  To tie in the black Faux Suede I used on the pockets I also added squares of it when I added the button-holes!


OH! You’re scared of button-holes?!

Well, fancy that, I wrote this easy How-To Guide on button installation.  None of the guides I seen were really helpful or even applied to my machine much less the button-hole foot I had soooo I wrote my own!  Still not convinced buttons are easy?  You could add snaps, a toggle, hook and eye, velcro etc or you could..  Skip them! GASP!!! You don’t need to add a closure to this coat at all!




Another gorgeous option in the G+G Winter Collection is the Below Zero Top!  It’s an off the shoulder sweater with an over-sized collar; perfect for all of your holiday parties!


I bought this amazingly gorgeous Bright Royal Blue Sweater Knit from LDG Textiles because it reminded me of my Grandma (who actually taught me to sew.)


This sweater essentially felt like a giant hug from my beloved Gram ❤  I know she wouldn’t approve of the exposed shoulder but she wouldn’t be surprised coming from me!  Stay sassy my friends and sew yourself one of these Grandma approved Below Zero Tops.

I wore this exact outfit to my fiance’s work Christmas party and received so many compliments; especially about the color of the material!  Excuse the low quality selfie photos!!

To sum things up: if you really want to fire things up this blistery cold season… try ATLEAST one of the fun patterns from The Winter Collection from George+Ginger

**This post contains affiliate links which aid in my craftiness.**

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