Family PJ’s – 5oo4 Patterns

*This post contains affiliate links which aid in my craftiness*

I don’t sew for my family often because it’s hard to find fabric they like amongst the masses of DBP floral available. My big guys also need several pattern adjustments from broad shoulders to lower arm syces… soooo I generally just skip sewing for them altogether and make myself stuff!!

Until now!! 5oo4 Patterns just released some Family Pajamas and they’re perfect for everyone to get cozy in! Figured I couldn’t go wrong with pj’s for my guys, and I was right! They have worn their sets multiple times already, as have I.

When picking out our fabric I knew I didn’t want everyone to be matchy matchy because we couldn’t even pull it off, nor are we down for that. I just wanted my guys to actually like AND wear their pj’s. I pulled out all the black and grey fabric I deemed suitable and let my beloveds enter the sacred Sweat Shop to choose fabric and fulfill all of their jammie dreams. But not without my opinion, of course.

All of our jam fabric is from Knitpop aside from the Rayon Spandex Stripes – (LDG Texiles) The heathered grey on my older guys is a delicious athletic yoga knit, the solid black short sleeve tops – Modal, stars – French Terry, floral – Double Brushed Polyester, solid black shorts – DBP.

Everyone chose their preferred style of pj’s, the options really are endless with these!

  • Short or Long Sleeves
  • Shorts or Pants
  • Knit or Elastic Waistband
  • Hemmed or Banded

I especially love the fit throughout on ALL sizes. They are so comfortable and non restricting unlike some jogger and shirt patterns. I had a pair (not pictured) of the banded pants on for 3 days (don’t judge) made from the Athletic Yoga Knit, they are that good!!

Choosing the fabric, options, and the actual construction was a breeze next to the photo shoot I had to endure. This was my first time sewing for and photographing my whole family. I had approximately 40 minutes to convince everyone that it wasn’t 40 F degrees outside and to smile. Between toddler meltdowns over holding the remote, teenage angst / fake smiles, and frustrated parents… it was an exhausting 40 minutes.

Nevertheless, we persisted. Even with the low quality photos taken by a 3 year old, this family pajama sesh turned out absolutely perfect. I love all of my nuggets and I think they love me a little more too – now that I’ve taken the time and used my pretties to make them some comfy jizzles. (That’s what we call them and I’ve been dying to use the term. LOL)

To summarize: So what if you are rushed, everyone is crabby, and the camera settings are waaaay off. Snuggle up with your fam in some handmade jizzles if you want to get the feels. I know we did.

*This post contains affiliate links which aid in my craftiness*

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