DIY Lace Patch


All of my favorite jeans have holes in them… and I bought them that way! The pair I’m fixing in this tutorial I’ve had for about 6 years and the one hole on my thigh is out of control.


Another of my favorite pairs of jeans from Silver has these lace details in the holes and every time I wear them I get compliments! So I used those jeans as inspiration for this tutorial. Let’s get started!


All you need is scrap jean material, lace, and tailors chalk. I prefer chunky lace to really make it pop. The lace I had in my stash was intended for going around a collar but I just cut it to the shape I needed.

First I put the scrap material inside the jeans and used tailors chalk to mark the hole. Make sure your jeans are laying flat so you don’t bunch anything up. I generously cut the scrap around the marked hole and cut the lace to match.

Next, I put the two layers back inside the jeans and positioned them until I was happy with the look and pinned into place. To make the pinning easier, I like to put my 6″ ruler inside the jeans so there is something for the pins to slide against so I don’t accidentally pin to the back of the jeans.


The last step is to simply sew around the hole close to the edge on the original jeans. I did this on my sewing machine because the holes were close enough to the waistband and that provided a large enough opening to get my machine inside the jeans.

If you’re patching holes further down the leg you will have to sew them by hand. But it will be TOTALLY worth it. I’m freaking elated with the outcome and will definitely use this patching technique again. I hope you use it too!

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