Storing PDF Patterns

44182367_1911984068877339_1333639155598491648_nIf you’re like me, you have a ton of patterns and nowhere to store them – and crave organized chaos.  I always have lots of projects going at the same time; customer orders, pattern tests, strike-offs, and selfish sewing (my favorite.)  So to clean things up a bit I tidy one area at a time. Today is ridiculous amounts of 4 foot long rolls of paper – pdf patterns.


I always roll them tightly to make them as small as possible then secure with a scrap of fabric.  Selvage scraps are perfect for this!  I already cut off selvage as they’re not usable in most projects, so I save them to secure my pattern rolls.  We are in the process of finishing our barn and I’ll eventually move my Sweatshop out there (and have a TON more room) but for now I’ll be in this teeny tiny space shoving my beautifully rolled patterns in the closet.  If you need an inexpensive AO printer I highly recommed


Since I sew for business I need every size of each pattern but want to keep the original AO copy shop pattern whole to refer back to.  To get each size I trace them individually on Freezer Paper in a designated color- to keep better track of the many pieces.  I store all sizes of the same pattern on a clip.  These clips are hung on a suspended wire, from Ikea, in my sweatshop for easy accessibility. Simple and genius!

How do you store your patterns? Keep the chaos organized!

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