Althea Tank by DIBY

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I loved this sporty Althea Tank by The Do It Better Yourself Club ever since I laid eyes on it.  The center back seam makes it hug your body perfectly AND the pattern includes options for a tulip (open) back, hood, or kangaroo pocket!  My first version was an open back made from cotton lycra skulls from LDG Textiles and I added Fold Over Elastic(FOE) instead of bands the pattern called for.

This is such an easy hack!  Omit the band measurements on the pattern completely.  Because FOE has high elasticity and great recovery I’m cutting my FOE binding at 100%.  Measure the neck and arm opening and cut the FOE to size, including seam allowance.


 Next, sew your FOE right sides together and trim the seam allowance corners to remove some bulk.

Place the FOE seam in an inconspicuous spot and continue to sandwich the FOE to the appropriate area in a 1:1 proportion using pins or clips.  Zigzag or Coverstitch into place.  That’s it!  How easy was that?

I have made several of these tank tops already, as I’m a work-at-home-mom and my uniform is far less than dress casual.  WINNING!

This gorgeous royal blue version is from Aurora Designs.  It’s a buttery soft brushed polyester Wanderlust- River Runs Through panel and I’m in love! These Wanderlust Panels come in a ton of colors and different designs.  I have the pleasure of being one of Auroroa’s Strike-Off seamstresses and knew right away I was making the Althea Tank with this panel set!  This was one of the only panels left from the strikes to choose from,  it was a perfect synchronicity with my life’s journey.  I can always use high vibes and a reminder that life is good, but when times are rough… keep going.  Stay positive and live your best life!

*This post contains affiliate links*

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