Say “Thank You”

One of the reasons I wanted to start this blog was to write about my life’s truths and lessons.  It’s mind-blowing how many people don’t see or understand these truths that are intended to make you learn, grow and be a better human.  It’s unfortunate how many people I come across that have no morals, values, common sense or common courtesy.

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Wake up people!

You are not entitled. You are not the only person in the world.  You are not any better than the person next to you.  You are not an exception.

Rise up and be better than you were yesterday.  Take control of your life, how you act and what you say.  These words and actions have a powerful effect on those around you including yourself.  I firmly believe in reaping what you sow, karma, and doing unto others and they would do to you.

However you want to look at it, if you’re a tool… your life will probably mirror that.  Have some integrity and step up.  Live your best life!

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Being in the service industry allowed me to see first hand how ungrateful people can be.  A simple (and genuine) “thank you” or acknowledgement speaks magnitudes.  It shows your recognition of other’s efforts and your ability to appreciate them.  In turn, this gives the recipient validation that their attempt was noticed and it made a difference.  Their willingness to give will continue if shown adequate appreciation.

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When to Say “Thank You”:

  • as soon as you wake up.  Be grateful for another day!
  • someone holds the door for you (here’s where I add that you should hold doors for other people as well)
  • your waitress brings you anything
  • someone lets you out in traffic
  • the cashier gives you your change
  • your son takes out the garbage
  • your spouse makes dinner
  • you receive a gift or compliment

Basically anytime anyone does anything for you, be appreciative!  When did society become so entitled that showing a little gratitude is unheard of!?  Step it up and take control of the way you behave.  Hold yourself to a higher standard by raising your vibration.  If you’re unsure how to do this: read a book, do yoga, meditate, walk barefoot in the grass,find new friends.  Seek out people who lift you up, teach you things, and expand your mind.  Is that not life’s purpose?  To learn and grow?

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I’m going to leave you with that to ponder on for now.  In the future I’ll be writing more on how to live a better life by way of finding and improving your inner self and being your authentic YOU.  Please share your thoughts on gratitude or anything you would like me to include in the future.


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