Fold a Fitted Sheet like a Pro

Quit rolling your sheets in a ball and let me change your life.  I learned this technique from Martha Stewart and now I’m passing the torch to you!


Start by laying your sheet right side down with the corners pointed out and the elastic towards the center.  I used a twin sheet here but the same concept works for all sizes.


Next fold the short sides together (hamburger style) placing one side IN the other with your palms.


After some finagling you should have something like this.  The idea is to make it as similar to a rectangle as possible, which makes it easy to fold in the end. This technique works great for folding camping tents too!


The next step depends on the size sheet you’re folding and how big you want it to end up. I like to fold mine in thirds (hotdog style.)

We’re almost done! I fold from here in quarters, but again, this depends on your sheet size.

39569923_228968384456124_7412625369733267456_n (1)

Viola!  The perfect folded fitted sheet.  Leave a comment and let me know how easy this was! I hope your linen closet breathes a sigh of relief.

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