Color Blocking Hack for P4P Essential Tank

I’ve had a lot of questions about these color blocked tanks I made and thought a quick tutorial was in order!  I used the Patterns for Pirates Essential Tank in this here (because I loooove the fit.) Of course, you can use any pattern your heart desires.  This is a great scrap buster too!



This hack is SUPER simple, fast to sew, AND it results in a trendy top.  Winning!


Alright, let’s get to it!  I wanted my first color blocked section to hit between my armpit and bust point so I measured down 2 inches from the armcye and made a line perpendicular to the grain. Boom. Done…. with that part. But it was easy, right?

Next I needed to find a flattering spot on my muffintop to end the next color blocking section. My sweet spot is about 2 inches below my natural waist.  Again, mark your spot and draw a line perpendicular to the grain.  These lines are what worked for me and my body, so do some experimenting and find what works for you!


Most people would probably get some new pattern paper (freezer paper is what I use) and redraw the new color blocking pieces with seam allowances… but I’m busy lady and frankly don’t have time. Haha. Seriously though. Sooooo I just folded my original pattern at those green lines I made earlier and there’s my new pattern folks!



Don’t forget to add in a seam allowance when cutting. I only use .25 inch as I don’t intend on cutting any fabric off at the serger.


The center piece can magically end upside down so be sure to mark the top and bottom! Ask me how I know.



After doing this origami of sorts with the pattern you now have 3 pieces. Put them in order with right sides facing and clip together.


Sew or serge (my preferrence) them together.

Tadah! You should have a full bodice piece now and can assemble your pattern as usual!  How easy was this hack?


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